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If Jeff & Taylor was an anime, this would totally be the intro! Took me a few weeks to make this. This opening animatic is largely inspired by Fairy Tail's 19th opening. Hope you guys are genuinely surprised and impressed. I'm no animator, but I can totally do animatics. They're fun!  Thank you guys for being J&T fans and followers of JFM Studios. There will be many more fun videos to come!

MUSIC: "Yumeiro Graffiti" by Tackey & Tsubasa
Hi guys. Just wanted to write this quickly letting you guys know that I'm real focused on my comic series this year. Updating the website twice a week, and consistently working on the main issues has taken time out of my fan art and stand-alone illustrations. Which means, less uploads on DA. 

Hope you guys are not upset due to my inactivity. I'm not even responding to messages often anymore. But you got to understand that my comic "Jeff & Taylor" is very important to me. Even if I have a small audience, I must keep working on this project. I'm on episode 14 out of 60. It will take years to finish the series, but I'm sure I'll find a way. Thank you guys for following and supporting me. 

This weekend I will work on something big. Hope my followers will like it...
Wassup, y'all? 2017 has been quite a year. I dunno if it's better or worse than 2016. I guess it has a mixed reaction. With politics, nasty weather, horrific mass shootings, and weirdos making the can seem hopeless. But I believe there is hope. To me, hope was the theme for 2017. A hope for real positive change. The changes will get even bigger in 2018. I usually point out the highlights of my life this year in these journals so here it goes:
  • Started "Inside JFM Studios" (Youtube Series)
  • Quit Facebook for nine months
  • Started live streaming on Youtube
  • Finished Jeff & Taylor Episode 13
  • Sold at Nagu-Con in Helena, Montana
  • Recorded my Let's Play of Resident Evil 4
  • Enjoyed a great year of boxing (Terence Crawford unifying all four belts was the biggest thing for me)
  • Got into Fairy Tail (now one of my favorite animes)
  • Recorded my first Halloween Special in three years.
  • Sold at SenshiCon in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Sold at PopCon in Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Got copies of J&T Volume 1 in the local Comic Shop
So yeah, those are the highlights! Also, I really enjoyed playing Watchdogs 2 and Resident Evil 7. So hang on folks, 2018 will be a busy year for me. Might have to close commissions in January just so I can work on J&T episode 14. Hope you guys have a very happy new year! May your wishes come true.
RozenGuarde by JFMstudios

These are digital illustrations I commissioned Rozen-Guarde to paint Cassidy and Jane for me. She's a very underrated artist. Please follow her work. Not to mention, she shows a versatile range of art. Crafting, painting, architecture, drafting, manga, and portraits.  

Here it is. That introvert video I've been asking you guys about a few weeks ago.
And by that, I mean I'm gonna put all my time and energy in J&T related stuff. Whether it be Episode 14, the Quickies, or stand alone images for the 2018 calendar. Also, I gotta revamp some images for the website. I'll be updating everything on January 2nd. So I kindly request no commissions until December 1st. 

Jeff & Taylor will have its 13th anniversary November 16th! So I gotta make a special video for the occasion. Sorry for not being that active, guys. A lot happening.


Hey, my main dudes and dudettes, here's a lengthy video about my time in SenshiCon in Anchorage, Alaska! It's a really great anime convention and I plan to return next year!
I'm talking about Autumn. The season. Okay, I'm writing this Journal up to let you guys know what will be going on with JFM Studios. I'm 28 now, so that means I have to act like a man! And a real man knows what to do with his comic series and commissions. So here we go:

Jeff & Taylor. The website will be updated January 2nd with an updated look and update schedule! Between now and January 2nd, I'll be making a whole bunch of J&T Quickies, and writing episodes. I just want the J&T website to have a consistent schedule so fans will have something to look forward to twice a week. Tuesdays and Saturdays, folks! I'll also be working on a few new illustrations for the J&T 2018 calendar.

The Loud House. You know, I'm not as into LH as i was a year ago, but I'm still gonna make more pictures and continue the 'dream series'. I got Lynn, Lily, Luan, Leni, and Lincoln left...I just work on them when I feel like it. But they all will be done before the year's over.

Commissions. I'm still taking commissions and I still got a few to finish. Please be patient, cuz my day job is really not making it easy on my schedule. But I will start sending INVOICES to you so you can pay that way. It's a new rule on Paypal or something. Also, expect your commission to be done in two weeks or less--that'll be my new motto when I have my invoices ready.

That's it. Hope y'all understand.

Here we go, guys. A youtube video talking about my smut drawings or the past (And possible future). Take a gander and laugh along. My opinions on rule 34 is this…I don’t care what you draw–have at it. I may not agree with certain subject matter, but I’m not gonna tell you to stop.
Will I ever succeed with my art? My main goal is to work full time on my comics. I don’t care about getting rich. All I want is enough to get by. The more I create, the happier I am. But with a full time job, it is hard to frequently update my website and do requests, videos and commissions. Not to mention, I have those days when I feel like a terrible artist and I have a shitty style. Everyone goes through that. It’s how you press on that determines whether you’re cut out for the job. Stay strong everyone. CREATE! Even when you’re feeling down.
It's been two years since this happened and I like to share it with you on DA! It was so much fun and I look forward to more interviews!

Follow these fine people: :iconfeatherwhite: :iconzhiny: :icontoasty-marshmallow: :iconrozen-guarde: :iconmissperidot: :icontkdcory: 
I don't have a special drawing for this day, but I'll write this Journal for the occasion. Welp, it did it. This is a cartoon show that really caught my attention for some reason. At a time when I was very skeptical about another cartoon show getting my attention like Gravity Falls. But, hot diggity dang, I fell in love with this cartoon! Now, I was  one month late to the party, but I started drawing legit fan art and I've gained about 600 new watchers! Once again, THANK YOU! I've also met some cool people and fellow artists too! To be perfectly honest, while I don't want Loud House to last FOREVER, I hope it gets another three or four years.

Now, here are JFM Studios Loud House Stats: 
Favorite Character: Lynn Loud
Least Favorite Character: Flip
Favorite Episode: Pulp Friction
Least Favorite Episode: Two Boys and a Baby
Character I want to see more of: Carol Pingrey
This show needs more: Tender/sad moments
This show needs less: Fart jokes

So yeah, I'll do something special next month for the anniversary that I myself became a fan. See ya peeps later!

Bunbun by JFMstudios

Decided to to a fun Journal entry. It's been a long time since I've done a character Q&A. This time, you can ask the cute girls of Jeff & Taylor any question you want and they'll answer. It can be personal, hypothetical, whatever. Ask as many questions as you want as long as you're not overdoing it. I mean, these characters have busy lives ;). Let's have fun!